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Adult Education and Church Activities

Adult Education opportunities have ranged in format.   Video-based classes have included a series of classes during Lent focusing on Forgiveness, and a five-class series entitled “Embracing Spiritual Awakening.”   Some members participated in programs offered by Trinity Wall Street as well.  The Book Group focused on books that have a broad spiritual framework. Monthly meetings yielded frank discussions.  b One of our first books was "A River Runs Through It" and then watched the movie. We continued this pattern of book discussion / movie watching over a wide-ranging list of titles - both fiction and non-fiction.

Church members come together for activities from time to time.  There have been movie nights, game nights, and pot luck suppers.  A few years ago, a handful of women and children held a spaghetti dinner to raise funds for parish children to attend summer camp at Beaver Cross, which is a ministry of the Albany Diocese.  Both Church members and the public attended the fundraiser.  It was fun and very successful.

We have begun interviewing each other about our stories.  Listen on Storycorps.

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